Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hooligan - Acrylic Wall Art

One of our more controversial acrylic wall arts is simply titled "Hooligan". If you haven't seen this artwork yet (and you would like to) it can be viewed on our website here. It is mostly a typographical piece that features the word Hooligan (set in the ├╝ber NB Form font created by Stefan Gandl) with the subtitle "Casual Subculture".

Underneath this there is a complete list of all the active football hooligan firms in England, Wales and Scotland (approx 120+). All the major firms have been included such as:
Chelsea Headhunters, Leeds Service Crew, Man United's Red Army, West Hams ICF, Cardiff City's Soul Crew right through to lesser known firms such as Barnsley's Five-O, Bolton's Tonge Moor Slashers and Montrose's Portland Bill Seaside Squad!

The only imagery that appears on wall art is a graphic/minimalist illustration of 2 geezers scrapping. Complete with standard hooligan issue Stone Island top and Adidas kicks.

For those of you who have viewed the artwork you will notice that the focus isn't on the violence. It's an encapsulation and expression of the hooligan spirit. The fantastic and often outrageous names of the hooligan firms (Burnley Suicide Squad), the adrenaline fueled Saturday afternoons and the hyper cool designer clothes that helped define a generation of terrace casuals. 

Love it or loath it. You've got to admit it looks pretty damn cool!

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