Saturday, 14 May 2011

Quality not Quantity

Recently, I was asked the question "why did you choose to print your wall arts on acrylic rather than canvas?" before I could reply they also followed up with "surely this would also reduce the overall cost and make the wall art more accessible to your customers".

These are perfectly valid points which I strongly considered prior to starting the company. Do I go for the standard (cheaper) production method and hopefully sell lots. Or do I opt for the expensive (high quality) route which will instantly reduce the number of potential customers.

To help me decide I had to start at the beginning and recollect why I felt so passionately about producing that very first piece of wall art. That reason was I wanted something unique that engaged with me and reflected my individuality. I didn't want something with a "normal" theme, printed in a "normal" way, hung on my wall in the "normal" fashion.

From that moment on I new everything about our wall arts was going to be different and innovative!

• The graphic, typographic and digital art subject matter
• The huge "widescreen" format
• The choice of "high gloss" 8mm thick acrylic
• The hanging of the wall art via aluminium wall studs
• The way it stands off the wall by 30mm once mounted
• Even the name/brand itself

All these factors contribute to the uniqueness of our acrylic wall art and helped develop our company ethos:

"Our vision is to constantly challenge the ordinary, develop engaging visual experiences and push ourselves to innovate beyond all expectations."

We firmly believe our customers will share very similar values to us and fully appreciate what The World Famous Wall Art Rockers concept is trying to achieve.

To conclude, yes, our contemporary acrylic wall art may be a bit more expensive than standard canvas prints but we know this is easily offset by their exclusivity and overall "WOW factor" they create once on the wall!

Quality not quantity will always win through.

Image is You and Me by Andrée Wallin

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