Monday, 30 May 2011

Shortly after releasing our first Press Release we were contacted by a very well known Leeds based newspaper. After an initial telephone discussion the journalist we spoke to promised to feature us in their weekly business section. All he required from us was a couple of hi-res images to include in the finished article. We promptly emailed over 6 images that best encapsulated our unique and innovative style of contemporary themed acrylic wall art.

I excitedly called the journalist a couple of hours later to ensure he had received the email OK and if he required any further information. He confirmed he had indeed received the images but his next question left me absolutely flabbergasted!

"Do you have any normal images you can send send through?"

I was left speechless! Surely he had read the press release properly as he contacted us for a follow up story. He must at some point visited the website prior to calling us to have a look at the wall art. The only reply I could offer was that "we don't do normal".

I tried to explain that the large format acrylic wall art we produce is a very design led product and will only appeal to a very defined but dedicated audience. Our inspiration is taken from cutting edge graphic design, well executed typography, video / arcade game themed 3D digital art and urban pop art.

I could tell with his tone that all I was saying was falling on deaf ears. He did not understand the concept at all and as he quite rightly said "I don't really understand art, that's someone else's department". As you may have gathered, the article never got published.

Our vision is firmly focused on innovation, not normality.

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