Monday, 20 February 2012

Stranger's Wrath - Bespoke Digital Wall Art

Recently, we teamed up with our friends at Just Add Water (the developers of the legendary Oddworld Series) to produce a stunning large format wall art immortalising one of their most celebrated tittles - Stranger's Wrath.
The wall art is to take pride of place in the very studio where the JAW team create and develop their games therefore they required something truly inspirational!

After seeing a couple of our printed samples. Stewart Gillray (CEO of JAW Ltd) was left in no doubt that our unique and innovative "wide-screen" perspex wall art was the only way to present their artwork.
The very next day the talented JAW crew emailed over the image they wanted reproducing and the Wall Art Rockers did the rest.

Upon receiving the Stranger's Wrath wall art Stewart commented "Utterly amazing! The overall size is impressive enough but the quality of the print and the colours are simply breathtaking." He continued "We especially love the glossiness of the perspex which really does make it look like a huge computer monitor!"

We printed and delivered the Stranger's Wrath wall art within 7 working days.
We are now on the look out for other video game / software / CG related companies to WOW with our unique wall art for a digital generation!