Thursday, 28 April 2011

How the WAR* began

Today we were interviewed (over the phone) by the York Press newspaper. One of the first questions asked by the journalist was "why did you set up this company?" I have been asked this same question by friends and colleagues on several occasions and have always given a similar answer:

About two years ago I wanted to buy a large wall art for our living room in the family home. Being a creative sort of chap (I am a graphic designer after all) I wanted something a bit different from the norm. Something ├╝ber contemporary that reflected my taste in design and art. 

After several weeks of trawling around the internet, visiting home-ware shops and poking around in galleries I finally gave up looking as I couldn't find a single thing that really engaged with me. All these places seemed to offer the same old cheap looking box canvas prints displaying generic cityscapes (London or New York), nature inspired compositions, bland abstracts and poor quality "Banksy" rip-offs.

It just so happened that week we had started a new project for one of our regular clients York Art Gallery. This involved designing several display panels for a forthcoming exhibition. Once the artwork had been created we decided to reverse mount them to acrylic (for protection) and then hang them from the wall via four chrome wall studs which made the artwork stand off the wall by 30mm. The finished result was spectacular and they looked super modern.

This set the cogs in motion and I immediately set to work on creating my own piece of wall art that would be mounted in the same way. I wanted to produce something really graphic, fresh and would add a blast of colour to our white walls. The finished piece, titled "The North Will Rise Again" developed the acrylic concept further as the graphic itself is cut from day-glo pink vinyl (not printed).

From that day onwards, The World Famous Wall Art Rockers was born!

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